THE four-day Bradford Shine festival kicked off in City Park last night, with onlookers gazing in intrigue as sixty-three tubular stick figures lit up the Mirror Pool.

The light sculptures, built by Belgian artists Groupe Laps' construction, shone in pre-controlled sequences controlled by a central computer.

The 63 figures performed different dance sequences wish a musical backdrop, at one time seemingly organised into six lanes as if performing some kind of sprint or gymnastic routine.

The performance, entitled 'Key Frames', is designed to celebrate the movement of people in urban spaces.

Crowds also gathered to be entertained by a number of street acts who added their flamboyance to the opening evening.

Ten-foot tall Flamingos and the glitzy Glitter Belles attracted some curious glances, but happily posed with guests soaking up the quirky atmosphere in the park.

The festival, which is free to get into, runs from 7pm until 10pm every night until Sunday.