BRADFORD residents with complex medical needs will have the option to take over their own healthcare budget from this week in a development which promises an improved quality of life.

The change is being introduced by the NHS and two charities in the district have been given the task of encouraging patients to consider whether taking over their budget would be the right move for them.

The Carers' Resource and HALE, both based in Shipley, are two of only 29 organisations nationally selected to spread information about the new NHS Personal Health Budgets and how they could operate for individuals.

The PHBs will be available to those who need Continuing Healthcare, a package of treatments for those who have complex needs but are not in hospital.

The Carers' Resource will be working with Care Commissioning Groups, the NHS organisations responsible for 'buying in' services on behalf of GPs, for Bradford City and Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven.

HALE will work with Bradford Districts CCG.

Jenny Davison, health development lead at the Carers’ Resource, said: “We are here to provide information, advice and support for those who are eligible for PHBs and to help them understand what is involved so they can then decide if it is right for them.

“We’ll be helping people to think about what is and isn’t already working for them and to look at options for them to change what isn’t working.

“It allows for flexibility and it is also adaptable to changing situations, therefore allowing people to actively shape their future.

“PHBs can be empowering and allowing people to be fully part of their healthcare can bring its own rewards.”

One of the advantages of personal budgets is the flexibility, in some circumstances, for a patient to employ a personal assistant to help them take part in activities they are unable to perform independently because of their condition.

“They could, for example, employ their PA to support them at specific hours of the day or to move their hours around each week to correspond with specific social activities or overnight visits,” said Miss Davison.

“The PHBs could allow people a greater control of their own lives and needs, and could enable people to be able to get a lot more out of life in general.”

Residents in Bradford City and Airedale, Wharfedale, and Craven CCGs, who are in receipt of Continuing Healthcare, can contact Miss Davison at the Carers’ Resource on 01274 449660 or email

HALE can be contacted on 01274 271088.

The new service is available for those aged over 18 and who meet the correct criteria as having complex and ongoing health needs.