A CHARITY for voluntary carers is celebrating helping 200 people restart their lives during the last 20 months.

Carer's Resource offers support for people in caring roles and its CReate scheme helps in a variety of ways, including finding work, accessing education or training, gain a place on a college course or set up their own business.

Conrad Taylor, 50, of Baildon, was a university lecturer in maths and psychology, before leaving his career to look after his father who had terminal cancer and died two months ago.

“I am trying to return to work after four years out of it and it’s not easy," Mr Taylor said.

"As I’ve been out of the academic field and it’s very difficult to get back in."

Mr Taylor is now intending to offer GCSE Maths classes to carers through the CReate service.

CReate manager Stella Elson said: "We spend so much of our time in one-to-ones and with our clients that having this event makes us stop to celebrate their success as a whole.

“If there are any carers out there who are interested in self improvement, we’d love to hear from them."