A REVELLER was struck by a caravan and killed moments after being heard telling his girlfriend "the next car that comes down here I am going to let it run me over," an inquest heard.

Witness Helen Kilroy told the hearing "my heart was pounding in my chest" as she saw the incident unfold in Church Lane, Gomersal and then saw headlights approaching.

"There was an almightly bang and a car and caravan came into my vision," she told the inquest.

The hearing was told that salesman Dominic Goddard, 23, of Platt Square, Cleckheaton, had been to a party on boxing day last year at the home of a colleague in Church Lane with his girlfriend Kirsty Eastwood, drinking lager and then vodka before becoming increasingly emotional and agitated.

After attempts to calm him, he left with Miss Eastwood and they called a taxi as they walked in Church Lane and his agitated behaviour continued, walking into the road before returning to the pavement.

On one occasion, he kicked a passing car and Mrs Kilroy, who lives in the road, said she then heard him threaten to cause a crash.

Miss Eastwood told the hearing he had drunk a large amount at the party and his mood had "completely changed".

"I tried to calm him down and said there was no need for it," she said.

That didn't work and the mood at the party became tense so they left, walking on Church Lane. "He kept moving, he could not keep still, he was really agitated, walking down the middle of the road and kept coming back to me, he was all over," she said.

He ran into the road to kick one passing car, she said, and she had tried to calm him and reassured him she loved him.

As the car and caravan approached, he moved into the road and the collision happened.

A police accident investigator concluded that he had gone between the car and caravan as it passed, colliding with the front corner of the caravan before being dragged beneath.

A post mortem concluded he had sustained non-survivable abdominal and chest injuries and tests showed he had more than four times the legal limit of alcohol for driving in his blood, at 325 mg per 100 ml, when the driving limit is 80.

No mechanical faults were found with the car and caravan and the driver's response had been to try to avoid a collision when he saw Dominic in the carriageway.

Dominic's father, Mark, acknowledged in a statement that his son had a binge drinking culture. He was a successful salesman after an army career which was cut short as a result of injury.

Dominic had grown up in the West Bretton and St John's area of Wakefield and Mapplewell and Staincross in Barnsley before the family moved to Cleckheaton in 1999.

Coroner Mary Burke recorded a conclusion that Dominic died as a result of a road traffic collision. His death was the result of an unintended consequence of a deliberate act, she said.

The hearing was told he had gone into the road on a previous occasion when Miss Eastwood was present and it appeared to be action intended to provoke a reaction.