RSPCA officers rescued an injured deer stuck between the railings of a gate in the district.

They were called out to help the distressed animal in Newsholme, near Oakworth, Keighley, after being alerted by a member of the public.

RSPCA animal collection officer, John Greeves, arrived to find the young male roe deer trapped and injured.

He was able to free the deer then shelter it in his van, helped by local men Jeff Emmott, Robert Brennand and Stephen Ogden. Mr Greeves called a vet from Aireworth Vets, Keighley, to examine the animal, as it had suffered superficial wounds.

Inspector Lyndsey Taylor, wildlife officer for RSPCA North Region, said: "The vet wasn’t sure if the deer had broken a rib, so advised that the deer be monitored.

"The deer was transferred to RSPCA Bradford branch, where he was seen by another vet at the RSPCA Bradford Branch Clinic and given treatment for the wounds.

"He was doing very well and there were no signs that any further injuries had occurred. So that evening Mr Greeves and myself released the deer back to Newsholme, in the field neighbouring the property where he'd had become trapped.

"He was much more alert and feisty compared to when he was rescued. Again the locals assisted and recorded the release.

"It’s fantastic when RSPCA officers can have a successful and happy ending. It was absolutely amazing to see the deer heading off back into the wild fit and well.

The RSPCA was keen to express it gratitude to the residents who helped with the rescue operation.

Insp Taylor said: "Thanks to the help of the locals reporting this trapped and stressed deer to the RSPCA and assisting Animal Collection Officer John Greeves rescuing the deer.

"Usually RSPCA officers work alone, so it was lovely to have the assistance of the locals and for them to see and record the release."

People who find sick or injured wildlife are asked to safely confine the animal then take it to their local vet. If it is not safe to do so, they can instead call 0300 1234 999 to request help from the RSPCA.