A SUCCESSFUL property developer hanged himself after "being taken for a mug" buying a fake Rolex on auction site Ebay , an inquest heard.

Dad-of-three Bill Mosley, 49, of Westy Bank Croft, Steeton, felt humiliated because of the scam paying £5,500 for the counterfeit watch,

the hearing in Bradford was told yesterday.

Mr Mosley's long-term partner Sandra Croad had told Coroner's officer Symone Holmes how the fraud had "consumed" Mr Mosley who had become paranoid about police involvement in the case and had been due to give evidence at crown court.

"It preoccupied him. He felt he had been humiliated and cheated. He felt he had been taken for a mug," said Miss Croad in a statement read to the hearing.

The inquest was told Mr Mosley had no money worries but was on anti-depressants by his GP and had been referred for mental health counselling.

The day before his death on March 29 this year he had been decorating the family bathroom and enjoyed a meal and wine with Miss Croad, which she took as a positive sign.

He got up the next morning to take the dogs out as normal but when MissCroad got out of bed a little later she heard their dogs barking in the yard, went out to investigate and found Mr Mosley in the shed.

Assistant Bradford Coroner Dr Dominic Bell recorded a verdict of suicide.

Speaking after the inquest, Miss Croad said: "Our family are devastated by his death. He was financially secure and had everything to live for. He was a good father, a doting granddad and was my soul-mate."

She said the month after Mr Mosley's death, a man had pleaded guilty at Burnley Crown Court to the fraud and was given a two-year jail sentence and ordered to repay the money.

"In the end he wouldn't have had to give evidence because the man pleaded guilty. It wasn't just Bill who was a victim, there were others. The Rolex was so real that even a jewellers in Ilkley couldn't tell the difference," she said.