A CONVICTED rapist, who attacked another woman at knifepoint after cycling around Bradford's red light district, has been jailed for 11 years.

Judge Rodney Jameson QC told 30-year-old Jason Oates he posed a danger to women in general and he could serve as long as 15 years behind bars if he did not work to reduce the danger while in custody.

Judge Jameson said the attack had a profound effect on the victim and giving evidence at his trial had been a significant emotional ordeal for her.

Leeds Crown Court heard yesterday that Oates, of Lapage Street, Bradford Moor, Bradford, had cycled around red light areas on a bike and had been stopped by police on a number of occasions as he looked for prostitutes.

The rape took place in the early hours of the morning on September 26, 2011, in City Road, near its junction with Menstone Street, Bradford. Oates had cycled up to two miles across the city centre to the red light district.

Oates approached the woman, who had only been working as a prostitute for about three weeks, and agreed to pay £20 for sex.

But Oates produced a large-bladed hunting knife with a serrated edge from a rucksack and demanded that she submitted to sex without charge.

Judge Jameson said the complainant became extremely upset, thinking of her mother who had been a stabbing victim. She submitted to his demands while pleading with him not to hurt her and begging him: "I've got children, please don't let them grow up without having a mother."

Although Oates used no actual violence, he held the knife alongside her face as she turned away while he was having intercourse. After raping her he told her he was sorry.

Prosecutor Philip Standfast said the complainant appeared to have suffered severe psychological harm as a result of the incident.

The court heard Oates had been convicted of rape in 2003. On that occasion the complainant, also a stranger to him, was on her way home late at night when Oates put his hand over her mouth, dragged her into bushes, stripped and raped her. He was given a six-year jail sentence for that offence and released three or four years later.

Oates's barrister, Michael Collins, said domestic difficulties between his client's parents may have had an impact on his future life. He had rid himself of addictions to drugs and alcohol and it was sad he had committed the offence when he was working hard at rehabilitation.

Judge Jameson, sentencing Oates to 11 years in prison with an extended four years on his licence period, said a probation report, which had looked at the issue of dangerousness, assessed him as being a high risk of causing serious physical or psychological harm to women in general.

He said he would serve not less than two-thirds of the 11-year custodial term before the Parole Board could consider whether it was safe to release him.

Judge Jameson added: "Unless you work to reduce the danger you clearly pose to women, there is every risk the Parole Board will take the view you will need to serve more of the time, and it's possible you could serve the 15 years."

Senior Investigating Officer Detective Superintendent Lisa Griffin said: "I would like to pay tribute to the bravery of the victim, who despite the harrowing ordeal she suffered was determined to see her attacker face justice.

"This was a challenging and lengthy investigation as Oates was not known to his victim, and the attack took place at a time when there was no one around.

"I hope this sends out a message to others that this type of violent crime will not be tolerated in Bradford District, and that victims of sexual offences can report these with confidence to the police, who will investigate every report sensitively and thoroughly with the aim of bringing offenders to justice."

A statement from the victim, who cannot be named, said: "I would like to thank the Police and legal team for all of their hard work, for believing me and getting this to court. It is now all worthwhile and I can get on with my life."