A BRADFORD band stayed close to home to show off a local beauty spot when filming the video for their latest single.

Kascarade's video for Rise Again was recorded on location over a number of days at Ilkley Moor.

Lead singer Maf Milnes and backing singer Julie E Gordon, formerly of the Happy Mondays, performed vocals while being filmed by a ‘drone-style’ multicopter mounted camera.

Maf, who lives in Thornton, described the single as "an urgent call to get on with living and to accept that what's been, has gone."

He added: "It is a positive message that urges folks to realise that the only thing we truly have in life is the here and now and we should seize the moment.

"The world seems to be increasingly riven by political and religious conflict and that is reflected in the backing intro of a journalist reporting on civil unrest.

“Rise Again represents the need to change our thinking and make the very most out of life as we take the listener on a journey out of darkness and into light.

"It's a departure from our normal music and I'd describe it as a traditional pop rock song with a driving drum track, distorted triumphant guitar riffs and sharp, melodic organ sounds."

The band formed in 2010 and is made-up of Maf, Luke Milnes of Scholemoor on lead guitar and backing vocals; Adam Brankin from Idle on bass guitar and backing vocals and Martin Horton from Halifax on keyboard. The group's drummer, Michael Golden, has left to spend more time with his family and his replacement will be announced in the next few weeks.

Renowned dance music producer Harry Hard has already made a dance remix version which is due for released later in the summer.

A spokesman for P13 Digital Media, who produced the video, said: "The band wanted to move away from the stereotypical urban look that is so often associated with northern bands and, at the same time, use some of our spectacular local scenery to full effect.

"This video is a more ambitious attempt at capturing a cinematic feel and we’ve used the latest technology, including a radio controlled multicopter provided by, and controlled by fans of the group who volunteered their time to help in the production.

"The location was close to the Cow and Calf in Ilkley over a number of days from late afternoon until sunset."

A first studio album, sponsored by Brighouse-based metalworking firm Arkoni, is also on the agenda for release this year.

Rise Again is available on iTunes and other outlets and the video can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wh-McsI_7dU

Kascarade is performing at Kings Arms in Heaton tomorrow; Bradford's Shuttle Shuffle Festival on August 9 and on the main stage at the Saltaire Festival on September 21.

The band is also in the running for the "Outstanding Yorkshire Band of 2014" in the Yorkshire Gig Guide awards.