A Keighley charity fundraiser who only took up metal detecting as a hobby late last year has discovered another precious historical artefact.

Riddlesden resident, Stephen Auker, who recently found dozens of ancient silver Roman coins at a site in his own neighbourhood, has now uncovered a 16th century Tudor ring.

His latest find, this time in a field in Silsden where he had permission to carry out detecting, has been declared treasure trove.

“I was searching in this field for about five hours and I was about to go back to the car, disappointed, when I found it,” he said.

After having the ring examined, he said he was “thrilled” to be told it was a Tudor silver gilt merchant’s signet ring with a solid gold bezel, used to identify wax seals on letters.

Mr Auker, 57, who found the ring on May 20, said it would be offered to Bradford’s Museums and Galleries service.

Mr Auker took up metal detecting as a hobby after previously dedicating his time to running in aid of Cancer Research UK. He added that his services have been in demand from people asking if he can find lost personal items such as rings and car keys.

“I’ve had many phone calls asking me if I can find these items – I’ve been successful on three occasions and unsuccessful twice,” he said. Mr Auker can be contacted on 07722 114503 by anyone requiring his metal-detecting services.