An animal welfare group said instilling empathy into Bradford’s young people is vital to help them become decent adults after a cruel attack on a cat.

Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) made the statement after shocking video footage was released earlier this week showing two ruthless teenagers throwing a cat over a fence to be attacked by two dogs.

The charitable company now hopes to discourage other children from behaving in the same barbaric way.

It is sending humane education materials to primary schools in the area with the goal of helping children of all ages recognise the importance of having empathy for all beings.

It said acts of violence could be prevented if young people were taught kindness, compassion and civil engagement.

Kirsty Henderson, of Peta, said: “Individuals who show disregard for others are often indiscriminate about whom they harm – adults, children or animals.

“Instilling empathy in Bradford’s young people is vital in order to help them grow into ethical and non-violent adults. In fact, the safety of the whole community depends on it.”

The CCTV footage was released earlier this week by the RSPCA which is working to find the culprits. Inspectors at the charity said the boys expected the animal to be savaged by a rottweiler and alaskan shepherd on the other side.

They lured the cat by stroking it, before grabbing it and throwing it over an 8ft fence on a path near Shetcliffe Lane, Bierley, Bradford, to the waiting dogs.

The RSPCA is appealing for anyone who knows the boys, or anything about the incident which happened on April 20, to get in touch.

Yesterday, a spokesman for the charity said the two-year-old cat, called Tilly, had not been out very much since the incident.

“We are still appealing for people to come forward with any information about this case and would ask them to call our inspector line on 0300 123 8018,” she added.

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