The furious sister of a young Bradford mother who died of a suspected poisoning has demanded justice five years on from her death.

Sana Abbasi was one of 30 murder cases from the Bradford district over the last 40 years highlighted in the Bradford Telegraph & Argus last month which remain unsolved.

The 22-year-old, of Hendford Drive, Pollard Park, died in Bradford Royal Infirmary in July, 2009, where she had been detained with an unexplained illness following the birth of her daughter. Detectives believe she was poisoned.

Her sister, Pakistan-based Zunash Abbasi, claims the poison used to murder her sister is paraquat, a highly toxic weed killer.

She has travelled to Bradford from Rawalpindi every year since Sana’s death in a bid to get justice and has custody of Sana’s daughter, now aged five. But West Yorkshire Police say they remain “determined to bring anyone involved to justice” in this case.

Sana’s husband Fiaz Rehman and mother-in-law Rukhsana were arrested on suspicion of murder later in 2009, but no-one has ever been charged in connection with her death.

Devastated Zunash revealed the torment her family have gone through in their search for Sana’s killer and called for West Yorkshire Police to do more.

She said: “There is no justice. It’s horrible. You can’t imagine how terrifying it’s been for our family. It’s killing us every day. We’re devastated.

“This is our hope now. I don’t know what the police have been waiting for. We are frustrated.

“You have no idea what we’re going through. I want justice.

“Sana was the most lively, educated person. She was a beautiful girl.”

Detective Superintendent Mark Ridley, from West Yorkshire Police's Protective Services (Crime), said: "While it is now almost five years since Sana Abbasi's death we remain as determined as ever to give her family the answers they need.

“All unsolved cases remain open pending any further information that may come to light and we continually review cases to ensure we have done everything we possibly can.

"In terms of Sana's death we have sought forensic opinion from world leading experts in this field but have been unable to prove conclusively that Sana was poisoned. I have personally kept in contact with Sana's sister and family throughout the investigation and they are aware of the current circumstances.

“As a young mother Sana's death was particularly distressing and the enquiry team remain determined to bring anyone involved to justice.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact West Yorkshire Police's Protective Services (Crime) via 101.