Intrepid friends, visiting all 92 Football League grounds in less than a week to raise money for charity, were given a surprise donation from a Bradford City fan.

The four pals from Bristol, who met at university, passed through Bradford yesterday on the fifth day of their drive round the country.

They were met at Valley Parade – the 67th ground on their list – by Bantams fan Neil Reeves, who handed over £20.

The friends are raising money for the charity Invest in ME, which is seeking to pay for the trial of a new drug in the UK to treat the debilitating illness.

One of the fundraisers, Cat Harley, said: “We started at Plymouth Argyle on Wednesday morning and will finish at Leicester City on Monday afternoon. So far we have raised about £3,500.

“It was really nice in Bradford. A Bradford City fan, Neil Reeves, met us and donated £20.

“His wife has suffered from ME for eight years.

“It was a complete surprise that he turned up with a donation.”

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