Police investigating a vicious attack in which a dog tore chunks from a man’s arm have seized a Japanese Akita as part of their investigations.

Officers yesterday said the animal was taken from a house on the street where Jamie Farrell was attacked after a warrant was executed.

They are now working to trace the owner and establish if any crime has been committed.

Mr Farrell, a self-employed joiner, had to undergo a four hour operation on Monday and will need skin grafts and follow-up treatment to the gaping wounds which exposed his right arm to the bone.

He was working at a house in Pollard Lane in Undercliffe when he was pounced on by the dog last Thursday afternoon as he went to collect tools from his van.

The father-of-two said a young boy, aged about six, was walking by with the Akita which jumped at him, going for his right arm and leg.

The violent attack may leave the 27-year-old, who was due to leave Bradford Royal Infirmary yesterday, scarred for life. He said the incident happened in seconds and the child was overpowered by the strong dog.

“I knew the Akita was doing me serious damage. It was going crazy and I was tugging at its collar to pull it off but then it went for my leg. When I got it off my leg it went back for my arm, I was bleeding badly,” he said.

Mr Farrell lives with his wife Joanne, 25, and their daughter, three, and 11-month-old son at Mulberry Close, East Bierley.

He is now concerned about how he will earn a living while recovering from the ordeal.

Yesterday, Inspector George Bardell, who leads the Bradford East Area Neighbourhood Teams, said: “At about 6pm on Monday, officers attended an address in Pollard Lane, Bradford, and executed a warrant to seize a Japanese Akita dog.

“Enquiries are now ongoing to establish who is responsible for the animal.

“Anyone with information is asked to contact the Bowling and Barkerend Neighbourhood Policing Team on 101.”