Angry Colin Todd believes the "goal posts have been moved" over Nathan Doyle.

The City boss thought he had tied up the Derby youngster for the rest of the season.

But Doyle was only able to play at the weekend after being signed on a month's "emergency" loan just before the deadline.

City still hope to extend the deal, otherwise the teenager will be heading back to Pride Park after the Nottingham Forest home game on February 3.

Todd believes the change in Doyle's position is an example of "obstacles being put in his way".

Todd said: "We had an agreement last week between Derby manager Billy Davies and myself and the two clubs that we would extend Nathan's loan to the end of the season on the terms we already had.

"The forms were signed at this end before the deadline and were sent off in good time to Derby but somewhere along the line the goal posts have been moved.

"All of a sudden he's on an emergency deal and we've only got him for a month. Fortunately we can still put him on a long-term contract but that has to be done.

"I dearly want to get Nathan for the rest of the season and he is keen to stay.

"But this is why I get disillusioned at times and disappointed. I told the public that he had signed a long-term deal in good faith after it had been agreed but, for some unknown reason to me, it's been changed.

"The player comes into the equation as well because he also assumed he was here until May. Then suddenly he finds out it's an emergency loan after all and I've had to tell him it was something that I didn't know about either. I'm trying to progress the football club but there have been little hurdles and obstacles put in my way at the moment. It's wrong." City blamed a delay at Derby's end in getting the paperwork signed and returned before the deadline. Secretary Jon Pollard said: "It couldn't be done until after noon on Friday, which for a long-term loan meant he couldn't play at Port Vale on Saturday. The only way round it was to do an emergency loan as these do not have to be registered until noon on the day of the game."

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