Twenty years of enduring dull and unclear slide presentations has led West Yorkshire businessman Lee Jackson to write a book to help speakers brighten up their pitches.

Lee, 43, spent five years researching and 18 months writing PowerPoint Surgery to help reduce the number of boring business presentations.

It is based on his own experiences of enduring bad presentations over the last 20 years and to help speakers prepare original and creative PowerPoint presentations. Lee, a professional speaker and presentation coach and regional president of The Professional Speaking Association, said: “Bad presentations are costly. They can cost money, your reputation and even your job.

“It’s important not to let your dull slides ruin your pitch.

“When people show slide after slide of bullet points on a dull corporate template, the audience's heart sinks. Authentic presentations with better slides help you stand out from the crowd.”

Lee has worked with clients from varied backgrounds including Specsavers, the NHS and within the education sector. Last year he also travelled to Canada to represent the UK at the Global Speakers Summit representing the UK alongside 400 top speakers During March, a cut-price version of the book is available on Kindle. To find out more about Lee’s book and what he does, visit