The leader of the British National Party should be investigated by police over offensive comments made about Bradford, according to a city MP.

A Tweet from Nick Griffin’s “official Twitter page” said people “having retarded offspring with their cousins” was regarded as “perfectly normal in Bradford”.

The comment was posted to 27,300 followers yesterday in reference to a national news story about a giraffe who was put down at Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark to prevent inbreeding.

The full tweet read: “Strange the Danes shoot giraffes to stop them having retarded offspring with their cousins. It’s regarded as perfectly normal in Bradford.”

The message prompted an angry response on the social media website, including some people questioning whether such a comment could possibly be genuine or if the account, described as “the official Twitter page” of the BNP leader and MEP, was a spoof.

Bradford West Respect MP George Galloway said the comments were “disgusting”.

“I think it’s potentially actionable. It’s definitely intended to stir-up racial hatred and prejudice, which is illegal in this country. It just underscores the need to rid ourselves of this man from the region,” he said.

“I think someone should report it.”

Gerry Sutcliffe, Labour MP for Bradford South, said: “Clearly this is the type of thing you come to expect from somebody who is ignorant of people.

“It is offensive, but it is what we come to expect from Nick Griffin.”

Bradford Council’s executive member for safer and stronger communities, Councillor Imran Hussain, said it was a “highly offensive and outrageous racist remark”.

He said described Mr Griffin as “morally and financially bankrupt”.

“He’s trying to hang on the tail end of anything that’s going to get him in the media,” he said, adding that he was “fed-up” of Bradford being singled out.

“I’m sure he’ll get his answer in the ballot box and we won’t have to deal with him again.”

Anne-Marie Stewart, project co-ordinator of Just West Yorkshire, which promotes racial justice, said: “Yet again Nick Griffin plays the racist provocateur.

“His undeniably crass stereotypes continue to damage Bradford. Though it might come across as glib, it is shallow and dehumanising while his thoughtless words put communities at risk of discrimination and even violence.”

Bradford Labour group posted a picture of the Tweet and asked people what they thought of Mr Griffin.

One person said he “was lower than a snake’s belly” and campaign group Hope Not Hate called the posting “sick”.

The Telegraph & Argus was unable to contact Mr Griffin last night.