Tea with the Brontes will look a little different when the Parsonage Museum in Haworth reopens later this month.

Staff have changed the collection of the china teacups in the Bronte family’s dining room as part of the museum’s annual overhaul.

Collections manager Ann Dinsdale said items on display in all of the rooms were switched around each winter.

She said: “We have a huge collection of Bronte household artefacts, so we’ve put a few different ones out.

“In the dining room it’s mainly the china that’s changed. The room has also been thoroughly cleaned and all the furniture inspected.”

Patrick Bronte’s nearby study was extensively redecorated in 2013 following in-depth research into what it had looked like during the Brontës’ time.

This year the major change in the study is a new carpet, created by a specialist company using traditional techniques.

Ann said: “It’s what we believe Patrick Brontë would have had on the floor. We used our historical decorative consultant Allyson McDermott.

“We had hoped to put the carpet in last year, but it took longer than we expected to do the research.”

The Parsonage reopens on February 20.