To some it is a “thoughtful” design for a contemporary business park, while to others it is a “crinkly tin shed”.

The first phase of a controversial business park is dividing opinions with its new redesign.

The 2,811 square metre unit would be the first building at Baildon Business Park, a flagship Bradford Council-backed scheme which has been given outline planning permission on green fields off Buck Lane.

A full planning application, finalising the details for this first building as well as the road through the rest of the plot, looks set to be approved by planners on Thursday.

The original plan was withdrawn by Manchester-based Russells Construction and developer Pendle Projects last year on the advice of the Council, who wanted to see a better design.

Now the plan is back, and the Council’s design team is much happier with it. In a report, the authority’s design experts say the double-height glazed entrance, protruding window and door surrounds and concealed gutters “help lift a traditional form into a building with a contemporary edge”.

But not everyone is convinced. Baildon Town Council has called on the committee to refuse the plan and request another redesign.

Its statement said: “Outline planning permission was granted for Buck Lane on the basis of development being of high quality design, whilst this application is again basically a square shed.”

And Edward Butterworth, of campaign group Baildon Residents Against Inappropriate Development (Braid), said in his view the redesign was “a darn sight uglier” than the original.

He said: “What we are getting is a crinkly tin shed – a not particularly big one that could have gone anywhere.”

Mr Butterworth added that the campaign group was resigned to the fact the park would be built, and was now fighting for the units to be taken by hi-tech companies as promised rather than “any old industrial business”, for any jobs to go to Bradfordians and for a bypass to help with the traffic.

Mark Taylforth, director of Pendle Projects, said of the new-look design: “We are happy with it.”

He said the plan was “meant to be something a bit different” to give the scheme some individuality.

The Regulatory and Appeals Committee meets at 10am at City Hall.