Ninety nine goals by the middle of January .... just study those words for a minute and shudder.

Simon Eastwood may not have presented the toughest obstacle in Blackburn’s net – as City fans will testify – but he was merely joining a long list of helpless keepers in midweek.

As the tally racked up against him and outclassed Rovers in their FA Cup replay, you wondered how anyone can possibly stop this irrepressible sky blue machine.

I recently stumbled across a repeat of the 1999 play-off finals on telly as a hirsute Tony Pulis, then manager of Gillingham, started to yank out tufts of his fringe as his side blew promotion from the Second Division/League One in spectacular fashion.

It was the ultimate Wembley finale as Manchester City, two down with time running out, dragged their way level before winning on penalties.

Afterwards they showed clips of ecstatic supporters, including the cocky chap who warned: “Man United, we’re coming for you. The 2000s will be ours...”

And how the presenter laughed at such a ridiculous call. Typical Man City delusion, warning the European champions of their impending doom at the hands of a team just up from the third tier.

But he wasn’t wrong. That fella will still be dining out on his prescient interview – the noisy neighbours now own the neighbourhood.

Man City are conquering all before them with a style and panache that is simply untouchable. I always thought Xbox football was just for Real Madrid and Barcelona – but we’ve got our very own version in Manchester.

Of course, it is built on a money-no-object philosophy. Of course they should win everything by a street when you can purchase whoever, whenever.

But it is hard to dislike a team that play with such joy de vivre. They are not only going to win the Premier League – at the very least – but they are going to do it with a pile of goals the like of which has not been witnessed in the modern era.

All together now... “Five nil to the Man City”.