An inquest has heard how a Bradford mother found her previously fit and healthy little girl dead in her cot.

Mystery surrounds what caused 16-month-old Jessica Ingham’s sudden death, but a post-mortem tests did find signs of virus and infection including a pneumonia type in one of her lungs.

Yesterday’s hearing was told those would not have been enough to cause her death, but could have played a part in why she had been “a bit under the weather” a couple of days before.

The tot, who lived with her parents and siblings, at Bewerley Crescent, Woodside, had not been to nursery the previous day because she had been tired and lethargic.

Later that day she had eaten her tea before falling asleep in her bouncy chair and being taken up to her cot by her dad.

It was the next morning when her mother, who had been sleeping dowstairs because of recent surgery, went up to check on her children that she found Jessica unresponsive.

Assistant Coroner Mary Burke recorded an open verdict as pathologists had not been able to find a cause of death.