The cost of running Baildon town council has been frozen at last year’s level but local work and projects will not suffer, say councillors.

“Careful budgeting” means residents will not be asked to pay any increase in the amount collected for its council tax precept in 2014/15.

A wealth of volunteers who support local schemes has also helped prevent a rise in the charge.

The town council’s decision means that its charge for a band D household in 2014/15 will remain the same as the previous year – £15.32.

Chairman Councillor Chris Flecknoe said: “We are mindful that many residents are having to tighten their purse-strings this year and we are very glad that careful budgeting has enabled us to keep the precept at the same level next year.

“Wherever possible, we work in partnership with other organisations and the multitude of volunteers who contribute to the quality of life in Baildon, and we apply for external grants where these are available.

“Keeping the precept at the same level next year does not mean any reduction in the activities of Baildon Town Council which is committed to providing good value for money whilst addressing local needs.

“One of the main functions of a town council is to develop and support projects for the benefit of the community and environment where we live.

“Many residents have told us how much they have appreciated the festive lights in Baildon this year, and we intend to continue to invest in improving the lights, particularly at lower Baildon and Charlestown.”

Coun Flecknoe said one cost saving was due to the increasing success of Baildon Farmers’ Market.

“The very popular market now makes sufficient money to support itself without a subsidy from the Town Council,” she said.