Yorkshire folk duo O’Hooley and Tidow will headline the Bacca Pipes Folk Club in Keighley.

Since the 2012 release of their second album, The Fragile, Yorkshire duo Belinda O’Hooley, who has worked with the Unthanks and the Nic Jones Trio, and Heidi Tidow have become a must-see act for their unconventional, emotionally-charged performances.

Acknowledged as one of the strongest songwriting partnerships on the contemporary folk scene, they were nominated for Best Duo in the 2013 Radio 2 Folk Awards.

New album The Hum reveals the pulsing undercurrent of optimism, grit and mettle in migrating people, the oppressed and the disenfranchised.

With Belinda and Heidi sharing an Irish immigrant background, economic migration is a recurring theme in their music.

Heidi’s breathy, soulful take on one of the album’s two covers, Just a Note, provides a glimpse into the lives of navvies who built the M1, while self-penned Come Down From The Moor is a stark look at Ireland’s history of struggle.

O’Hooley and Tidow will be at the Bacca Pipes Folk Club on February 21.