Bradford’s Peace Museum has opened a new exhibition about one of the Peace Movement’s most prolific artists.

The exhibition, called Margaret Glover: Images of Peace, showcases a mixture of artworks, preparatory sketches and artefacts from and about the artist.

A contemporary artist and peace activist, Margaret combines her two passions, art and peace, through her art, which provides a fascinating social and historical record of peace activism.

Her subjects are a mixture of known and unknown individuals, significant and insignificant scenes. She has covered a range of organisations, campaigns and displays of activism, including Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, anti-war protests, peace vigils, political conferences, historians, academics, peace activists, priests and politicians.

Lauren Padgett, collections and education intern at the museum, said: “Glover’s artwork is also brilliant in its own right as pieces of art. Her broad brush strokes on the oil paintings are particularly eye-catching and vivid, while her sketches and drawings in pastels, pencils and Indian ink evoke a sense of urgency as she quickly captures a scene happening before her eyes.”

The exhibition opened this week and will run until April. The Peace Museum, at Piece Hall Yard, Bradford, is open Wednesday to Friday, 10am to 4pm.