Among the black and white posters by MC Escher of impossible objects, popular in the 1970s, one of the most memorable was a stairwell which didn’t go anywhere.

This kind of visual conundrum has been applied in words to Ira Levin’s Death Trap, Bingley Little Theatre’s first play of 2014.

Set in 1976, in the remote New England home of thriller playwright Sidney Bruhl, it centres on a play written by unknown young dramatist Clifford Anderson.

When the ingénue shows his work to the master, the plot thickens. With Sidney’s wife suspicious, and the arrival of a curious Dutch psychic called Helga ten Dorp, more questions are thrown into the mix.

As events unravel, the audience is left wondering about the nature of truth and whether they can believe their own eyes or ears.

The five-strong cast includes familiar faces on the local theatre scene – David Templeton, June Driver, Jason Evans, Gabrielle Cross and Jim Brooks – and the director is longstanding BLT member Gilly Rogers.

Death Trap runs at Bingley Arts Centre until tomorrow. Ring (01274) 567983 or visit bingleyartscentre.