The following have been dealt with by Bradford and Keighley magistrates:

Michelle Marguerite Cook, aged 37, of Reevy Road West, Buttershaw; application to reopen a case following conviction, case reopened, conviction and sentence set aside, endorsement removed; failure to provide information about driver, £60 fine, £60 costs, licence endorsed. Peter Ferenc, aged 31, of Tintern Avenue, Lower Grange; driving without insurance, £165 fine, £105 costs, licence endorsed; driving without a licence, driving without MOT, failure to produce documents, no separate penalty; speeding, £55 fine, £105 costs, licence endorsed.

Aturs Kudla, aged 37, of Squire Green, Great Horton; speeding, £145 fine, £105 costs, banned from driving for six months. Brinsley Levi Allen, aged 22, of Crawford Avenue, Odsal; failure to comply with requirements of a community order, order revoked and dealt with for the original offence of possession of a weapon for the discharge of a noxious liquid/gas/electrical shock, 12 months’ community order with seven days’ curfew and electronic monitoring.

Simon Meskiri, aged 35, of Heathfield Grove, Great Horton; failure to comply with requirements of suspended sentence order, £160 fine. Joseph Benjamin Hardy, aged 21, of Farleton Drive, Fagley; theft, £100 fine, £120 costs. Matthew Mitchell, aged 21, of Blakehill Terrace, Fagley; theft, criminal damage, six weeks’ community order with curfew, £235 compensation, £60 costs; commission of further offence during period of conditional discharge, no action taken. Nicholas Brown, aged 24, of Broad Street, Bradford 1; resisting a police officer, £130 fine, £105 costs.

Julie Greenwood, aged 37, of Wilson Road, Wyke; drink-driving, £125 fine, £105 costs, banned from driving for 18 months. Rahoof Raja, aged 27, of Raeburn Drive, Buttershaw; drink-driving, £150 fine, £105 costs, banned from driving for three years; driving without insurance, driving without a licence, no separate penalty. David Leo Wilson, aged 46, of Stanacre Place, Undercliffe; drunk and disorderly, no separate penalty; assaulting police officer, possession of cannabis, 12 months’ community order, 60 hours’ unpaid work, £100 compensation.

Michael Alan Wray, aged 33, of Rathmell Street, Bankfoot; failure to attend initial drug assessment, £50 fine, £20 costs, detention in courthouse until court rises. Faisal Yaqoob, aged 26, of Toller Lane, Heaton; failure to comply with notification requirement under Sexual Offences Act, £100 fine, £105 costs. Nicole Preston, aged 36, of Upper Rushton Road, Bradford Moor; criminal damage, £75 fine, £20 costs.

Mark Wilson, aged 46, of Apperley Lane, Apperley Bridge; drink-driving, £145 costs, banned from driving for 36 months. William Patrick Eastell, aged 19, of Aire Close, Baildon; interfering with a vehicle with intent of theft, 12 months’ community order, 80 hours’ unpaid work, £110 costs.

  • We wish to point out that all the information in this court file is provided by the magistrates' court, which collates the details largely from prosecutors and the police. In calculating the amount of any fine, the court takes into account the income of the offender as well as the seriousness of the offence.