A Bradford man who had a kidney transplant is to appear in a documentary aimed at encouraging Asians to register as organ donors.

The film, in English and Urdu, is being made by Nadeem Butt, who is campaigning to raise awareness of organ donation.

Mr Butt was inspired by his friend, Mohammed Rafique Butt, who had a kidney transplant last November after suffering kidney failure and being on dialysis for four years.

“I know of many people suffering different kinds of diseases in Bradford and I have noticed that some people are kind enough to donate blood, and things like their kidneys and eyes after death,” said Mr Butt, who is a Muslim.

“Some people register for their kidneys to be donated to save the lives of others after death, but it’s a very small amount of people. People struggling for life are looking at the door, waiting for an angel to turn up with a kidney. Some pass away waiting for a kidney.

“I would like to appeal to all communities, especially Muslim communities in Bradford. Humanity is part of our religion. I would like to ask my own community why can we not do this kind of favour?

“God gave us healthy bodies and we have responsibilities as humans. We could save other people’s lives by becoming donors.”

Mr Butt, who runs Punjab Entertainment in Bradford, plans to register as a donor. He is helping with a campaign set up by Rafique following his own transplant.

“He had a successful operation at St James’s Hospital in Leeds. A man who passed away donated his kidney,” said Mr Butt.

“Rafique will assist me with the documentary, which will tell the story of saving another person’s life by kidney donation and transplant. We want to make communities more aware so more people will register.

“We are sending out the message that charity is not only about giving money or clothes, its also about donating parts of the body to save a life.”

  • For more about the campaign e-mail nadeembutt_3@hotmail.com. For more about organ donation visit organdonation.nhs.uk.