Innocent people’s lives are being put at serious risk by thieves targeting overhead power lines across West Yorkshire, Northern Powergrid has warned.

In the last week alone, nine incidents of theft from the electricity network have taken place, with 40 in total over the last few weeks. The thefts have resulted in approximately eight miles of copper cable being stolen and thousands of properties experiencing disruption to their power supplies.

Incidents have taken place in Ilkley, Denholme, Oakworth and Mirfield.

In many cases, thieves have cut power lines carrying 11,000 volts, leaving the cable ends hanging dangerously across public roads and footpaths.

People must not touch exposed cables, enter open electricity substations or attempt to move dangling cables.

Northern Powergrid is liaising with West Yorkshire Police and is appealing to anyone who may have seen suspicious activity around the electricity power network to come forward.