David Hockney invented joiner photographs – overlapping photos to build up a bigger picture, as in the Grand Canyon or the picture of his mother at Bolton Abbey.

Neil Bland, 62, is a retired joiner who takes photographs. In fact for more than a year Mr Bland, who lives in Silsden with his wife Ann, also a snapper, has been taking a daily photo, building up a picture chronicle of the world about him. He does not print the pictures and log them in an album; he files them electronically and they form part of a daily photo-journal which he has been creating since signing up with the BAFTA Award-winning photo-blogging company Blipfoto.

“I have always loved taking photos but what I like from being in Blipfoto is the fact that others can look at them and that I can look at other people’s photos too,” he said.

Taking a photo a day has got him out of the garage where he did his work although, as he said himself, business has been slow over the past year or two.

“Last year I went into semi-retirement after working as a self-employed joiner for most of my life. I joined Blipfoto in early January 2013 after meeting a friend who was out running, carrying a small camera.

“I have put a photo on each day for a year, most of which are a reflection of my day. I take my camera with me wherever I go and try to take a few photos to choose from that day.

“It’s a bit like having a dog in a way. It gets you out when you don’t feel like it. You think, ‘Oh, I have to go out and get a photo’, so it’s good in that way.”

For the past four years, Neil and Ann have been members of Silsden Camera Club. Ann, too, has signed on with Blipfoto, but has yet to complete a year’s picture blogging.

Blipfoto goes back to October 2004 when Joe Tree built himself a website that allowed him to post a single photo a day and write something about it. The only rule he set himself was that the picture he uploaded had to be taken the day he did that.

By 2006, Blipfoto was expanded to include 15 other people. Today the site is said to get more than 18 million views a month across 170 countries.

Among the photographs Mr Bland has posted on his daily blog are views of the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway, a morning sunrise over Silsden and a striking picture of a busker in Keighley.