If you like a good thriller, this play is for you.

A good thriller should have both comedic moments and moments that shock. The audience at this production were alternately jumping and gasping throughout, then laughing out loud.

Writer Ira Levin is a master of the thriller, and Deathtrap is one of his finest, with twists and turns throughout.

The play is set in the study of Sidney Bruhl, a playwright going through a dry phase. When he receives a play written by a student he mentored he soon realises it is something special and is determined to get hold of the play at all costs.

David Templeton plays Sidney with a commanding presence yet a lightness of touch which contrasts well with the darker side of his personality. The student, Clifford Anderson, is played by Jason Evens, who shows both a vulnerability and strength.

June Driver plays Sidney’s wife, Myra, who gradually realises things, including her husband, are not what they seem. Gabrielle Cross is a delight as an eccentric Dutch psychic and Jim Brooks plays dour, sensible lawyer Porter Milgrim with conviction. I’m unwilling to give away any more of the plot as it would spoil it, so I’d suggest you go along. You won’t be disappointed.

This is a play about a play – but who wrote it? Runs until Saturday.

Damien Preece