A Bradford MP has demanded a definitive ‘yes or no’ answer from Westfield as to whether its development in the city centre will go ahead.

George Galloway, who represents Bradford West, said: “Westfield have objected to the proposed extension to the White Rose Centre in Leeds and have intimated to Leeds Council that this puts the Broadway development in jeopardy. I don’t think this is a bargaining chip by Westfield because they said to me in a meeting a few months ago that proceeding in Bradford would depend on there being no further development in Leeds.

“The public need to be told, clearly and unambiguously, whether Westfield Broadway will go ahead if White Rose extends. Yes or no? No shilly-shallying.”

Mr Galloway yesterday wrote a letter to Westfield demanding an answer, and added: “Putting a few caravans on the site does not denote a commitment. Breaking earth does.”