A Bradford whiz kid with a passion for stage lighting is already a fixture on the UK festival circuit, at the age of just ten.
Elliott Baines, from Wyke, collects set lights for his own rig, and has already helped out at gigs for artists such as Newton Faulkner and the Levellers, tripping switches in front of crowds of more than 28,000.
Also a wannabe drummer, Elliott attends numerous festivals every year to pursue his hobby and rub shoulders with industry professionals.
His mother Michelle Greenwood said: “Ever since he was little, Elliott has always been interested in lighting and musicians, drummers in particular.
“They say drummers make good lighting engineers because they can feel the rhythm of the music. He just gets caught up in the movement of the lights with the music, I have no idea how he does it.”
As well as festivals such as Shambala in Northamptonshire, Elliott visits the DJ show in Birmingham once a year, helping technicians use laptop technology to control light shows.
Elliott’s knowledge has also impressed experts from KSS Audio, a London-based events company he meets up with once a year to help out at gigs.
“The people who Elliott works with are astounded by his knowledge and responsibility”, said Mrs Greenwood.
“He certainly acts a lot older than he is, and has so much confidence. I try to watch him, but he just tells me to leave him alone as he’s working!”
Elliott, who has already made his debut as a stage director, running a show for Festival TV in Hull, also works with Angel Gardens, an organisation that creates family spaces at festivals across the UK. As well as assisting with the lighting, he has taught didgeridoo and djembe drums to children at the events. Closer to home, he runs disco’s for his local cub scout group on Great Horton Road.