Firefighters had to use specialist equipment to break through concrete and release a teenager whose arm was trapped down a drain for almost three hours.

A doctor had to give the boy morphine as he struggled to cope with the pain of having his left arm wedged in the pipe as far as the shoulder.

Bradford firefighters were called to Lindley Road, in Little Horton, at 8.30pm yesterday.

Crew commander Jarrod Stoney said the boy, thought to be about 16, had been stuck for 15 minutes before emergency services were called. He had been trying to clear a blocked drain and was on the ground near some steps, outside the basement entrance to a terrace house.

Bradford crews were not able to release the teenager, so called for back-up from West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service’s Technical Rescue Team based in Cleckheaton. Police and paramedics were also called.

Large breakers were used to initially smash through the concrete, with smaller machinery used as firefighters worked closer to the boy’s arm during the operation.

The boy’s hand was swollen and bruised when it was finally released and he was taken to hospital for a check-up.