A councillor wants money from a developer building 128 homes in a village to stay local.

Councillor Michael Walls said the thousands of pounds to be paid by Harron Homes to Bradford Council for its new development on the former Hazelhurst Quarry in Long Lane should be invested only in Queensbury and not in other nearby wards.

The bid goes before the Council’s regulatory and appeals committee on Thursday with minor amendments to the layout plan, and changes to house types on some of the plots and to parking provision.

Under a legal agreement as part of the development being approved, the home-builder will have to provide 22 ‘affordable’ houses discounted to a total value of £1,760.241.

It will also have to give £134,590 to be spent on recreation, £208,732 towards schools and £39,000 to improve street lighting in Hazelhurst Road as well as paying the entire cost of a mini roundabout and road markings at the Hill End Lane with Hazelhurst Road and Aslar Grove junction.

Planning permission for the site was granted in September 2011.

Coun Walls (Con, Queensbury) said: “The deed has already been done. Approval has already been given and we have to live with that, and of course it is on land that we should be using instead of green belt.”

But he added: “We have had thousands of homes built here over the past ten to 15 years and now there’s more that have been earmarked but we have to put up with it.

“What we need to do now is persuade them against destroying any more green belt, despite us being down for more at a time when our doctors, dentist and primary schools are already full.”

Coun Walls said he hoped money from the developer would be invested in Queensbury.

“We need that money to be spent in Queensbury now so we can make more facilities for all the extra people who are already living or who are going to come and live here.”