The phenomenon of the so-called "Bradford clown" continues to ignite debate, fear and fun right across the district - and the rest of the country.

Despite West Yorkshire Police firmly putting down rumours that began circulating on Tuesday claiming a sinister clown was, variously, peering in windows, committing robberies and even stabbing people, it's remaining a major talking point.

A spokesman for the police gave the very straightfaced comment: “This seems like it might be a hoax. We haven’t had any reports of crimes committed by a clown, I can say that much.”

But that notwithstanding, when the Telegraph & Argus first put the news up yesterday the story went immediately to the top of the "most read" list on our website.

Not only that, but the story was the best-read across the entire Newsquest newspaper group, of which the T&A is a part, and which includes newspapers right across the country from Scotland down to the south coast.

And the most popular search term on the T&A website today continues to be "clown".

Social networks including Twitter were on fire with discussion about the Bradford clown - with most people deathly terrified of coming across it. Fear of clowns is actually A Thing - the official title of it is coulrophobia.

Some potential coulrophobics on Twitter included:

@turban0utfitter: if this Bradford clown thing was actually real I'd c*** myself

‏@VickiLangleyy If that clown that's going round Bradford came to my window I would absolutely *** myself

@katiequinn_96 This Yorkshire clown is absolutely terrifying,  please leave Bradford.

@shaunalovesbieb That creepy clown that's going around Yorkshire has been spotted in Bradford town! If it's in Bradford tomorrow I'm gonna kms.

There was even some incisive political comment from spoof account @BradfordBatman who wrote: "I hear there’s a #BradfordClown. Come on. This is old news. There’s more than one and they’ve been running #bradford Council for years."

Twitter user @KashHussainCR7 also posted the following pic, claiming it could be the Bradford Clown.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Bradford Clown fake pic

However, as scary as that one is, the suspicion is that the clown in this particular photo above is merely some innocent fundraiser so if he or she is seen they probably shouldn't be accosted.

The Telegraph & Argus will, of course, continue to keep a close eye on all clown-like behaviour in and around Bradford. Like they say on Crimewatch, don't have nightmares - attacks by clowns are very rare indeed. On the off-chance you do see one peering in your window, though, do get in touch with us at