A woman from Bradford taking a stand against domestic violence has launched a poster campaign to stop victims from suffering in silence.

Juwaria Mohammed, 21, wants to raise awareness about the damaging effects of abusive relationships and draw attention to the fact that the problem is prevalent in all communities.

Working with Fixers – a charity that supports young people aged 16- to 25 to tackle any issue that matters to them – she hopes the campaign will encourage victims to seek support and help.

Juwaria said: “I know people who have suffered through domestic violence and it’s time to do something about it.

“It ruins families. There are many ways to combat anger and frustration, but being violent is not one of them.”

Juwaria’s posters each depict a different scenario showing victims taking a stand against their abusive partners.

She said: “We created four different posters to show that the problem is not just limited to one group of people. Domestic abuse happens in all communities and we all need to stand as one to stomp it out.”

Juwaria, who is now hoping that her posters will be displayed across Bradford, added: “I feel very strongly about this topic and it has been great to be given the chance to do something about it.”