A developer will be allowed to continue building new homes in Wilsden, despite being warned for breaching planning controls.

Harron Homes was given planning permission to build 82 houses on a greenfield site off Crack Lane in April, despite strong local opposition from residents, ward councillors and MP Philip Davies.

But Bradford Council’s planning consent came with a list of 27 conditions, many of which required work by the company before building could begin. These included preparing a drainage plan for the site and the creation of vehicular and pedestrian access for construction workers and vehicles.

A previous plan for houses on the site had been turned down because of drainage issues, and that issue remained a bone of contention for objectors.

Work started earlier this year before all these conditions were met, and the Council issued the enforcement notice last month to warn the company over its “breach of planning controls”. But it stopped short of halting work on the site after Harron Homes agreed to work with it to deal with the issues.

The breaches involved the company:

  • stripping the soil and the digging of excavations
  • carrying out building works, namely drainage works and the construction of dwelling houses
  • storing building materials and the construction of site cabins.

The notice told Harron Homes that its breaches “result in increased vehicle movements to and from the land which is detrimental to highway and pedestrian safety” and led to “excessive surface water run off from the land which has the potential to cause localised flooding.”

And it was told it would have to start complying with the notice by November 12 or could face legal action.

Bradford Council yesterday said that since receiving the notice Harron Homes has agreed to resolve the issues, and so it would not be forced to stop construction.

Those who had objected to the site say the enforcement notice could be a good thing.

Councillor Jane Callaghan, chairman of Wilsden Parish Council, said: “The conditions weren’t being complied with before. Now it seems to have had the desired effect and it means the Council are keeping a closer eye on the developers.”