The Thornton and Queensbury area has been transformed into a “wind farm landscape” in recent years, according to a council officer.
Bradford Council’s landscape architect Simon Alderson made the comments when asked for his feedback on the latest application for a wind turbine in the area, at Keelham Farm Shop.
The business wants to build a 35-metre turbine at its site on Brighouse and Denholme Road, and the application will be decided by Bradford Council on Thursday.
Planning officers have recommended approval for the turbine, which would join another similar structure on the same site.
But like the dozens of other turbines proposed across Airedale in the past year, this latest application has met with strong opposition.
In their application the farm shop says the two turbines would generate enough energy for the business to be self sufficient – with enough left over to feed into the National Grid.
Mr Alderson was asked for his views on the application before the council’s Bradford Area Planning Panel made its decision.
He says that the number of turbines built in the area in recent years has led to the landscape totally changing. His report says: “I would suggest the two machines in combination would be the most noticeable and eye-catching man-made form in this elevated position for some considerable distance.
“It might be argued that the construction of a number of wind turbines in recent times has already changed the character of the Thornton and Queensbury area. It has become what some would describe as a wind farm landscape. The addition of this further turbine would not constitute such a significant change as that caused by the first turbines constructed in the area.”
One of the objections to this turbine is by Anthea Orchard, from the Thornton Moor Windfarm Action Group, who have been fighting the various turbine applications in the area.
She said: “The development of wind turbines in this area, in the quantity we have seen over the last few years, is effectively a windfarm via the back door. “Had this been a bonefide windfarm application for this location it would have been given more scrutiny.
“While we appreciate each planning application has to be decided on its own merits, this principle cannot continue to be applied with regards to wind turbines, especially in an area that is quickly becoming “windfarm alley.”
The meeting is at 10am in Bradford City Hall.