An office manager says she is furious at the less than first class mail service she has received, which has left her with no post during school holidays and late payment fees for bills she never received.

Dawn Story moved to a cottage in Shipley in May which used to be the caretaker’s base at St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School, but the property was sold two years ago and is now owned by a private landlord.

Since the move her post has repeatedly been delivered to the neighbouring school and staff have put it in her post box.

During the half-term holidays when the school was closed and she received no post, Royal Mail told her it was “unable to suggest a solution” as to how she could retrieve it.

“Despite having repeatedly told the Royal Mail that the property is separate from the school, I’m still not getting my mail delivered directly to me,” Mrs Story said.

“I’ve already had a nasty reminder for a gas bill and I’d never received the original and this is causing me an awful lot of stress. I am also awaiting a new PIN number on a bank card and am in the ridiculous situation where I am not entirely confident of getting it,” she said, adding that the company had suggested she ask the bank to send that recorded delivery.

“Companies aren’t going to do that though, and who would pay?” she said. “I just feel angry every time I look at my letter box now.”

On Thursday, the Telegraph & Argus contacted Royal Mail who said no post had been delivered to Mrs Story last week because she had not been sent any.

The following day she received some mail.

“I think that’s partly because I’ve kicked up such a song and dance,” she said.

The post included a letter with a sticker on it advising it was wrongly addressed.

“But it’s addressed in the exact same way as Royal Mail’s complaints team told me to address it,” she said.

A spokesman for Royal Mail said it was aware of the issue, but could not explain why the problem had been ongoing for so long.

She added: “The delivery office manager will be monitoring the customer’s mail.

‘We apologise to the customer for the misdelivery of items and the inconvenience this has caused.”