A Bradford MP is leading the opposition to a 77-metre high wind turbine that he says could dominate Queensbury’s skyline from neighbouring Calderdale.

A planning application for a turbine at Swales Moor Mink Farm has been lodged by the Leo Group.

Gerry Sutcliffe (Lab, Bradford South) said: “I’m very concerned about the proposed wind turbine at Swales Moor. In particular, I don’t believe that many of the people in Queensbury who will be most affected by it will even be aware that a planning application has been submitted.

“Calderdale council only notified a small number of households and we’re talking about a 77-metre high turbine. While we need to encourage alternative energy technologies, there does have to be a balance struck with the quality of life of people living near them.”

The deadline for objections and submissions has now been extended by the council.

Mr Sutcliffe added: “I’m grateful to Calderdale council for agreeing to accept late comments and objections from people living in Queensbury. I would urge any Queensbury residents who are concerned about the proposed turbine to make their feelings known in the next three weeks.”

Calderdale’s head of planning and highways Geoff Willerton said: “We have let people know about the planning application in a variety of ways, including site notices, a press notice, information on the council’s website and letters to residents.

“This is above and beyond the legal requirement for publicising planning applications. We take into account all comments until a decision is made – we expect this to be in early December 2013.”

Councillor Michael Walls (Con, Queensbury) said he did not object to the turbine, as long as it did not impact on residents nearby, but he too believed there had been inadequate notification about the planning application.

Coun Lynda Cromie (Ind, Queensbury) said: “There has not been enough consultation about this wind turbine. It is going to be absolutely massive – it will be horrendous if it is so big.”

The application has so far attracted 12 objections on the council’s website. Comments include “totally out of place in the skyline of the valley” and “completely out of proportion”, while one person said they were “totally oblivious” to the application until a neighbour told them.

In a statement, the Leo Group said: “This is part of our on-going green strategy to operate in a more environmentally-efficient manner and to reduce our carbon footprint.”