A £110,000 revamp of town centre toilets in Otley has left some market traders crossing their legs.

The rebuild is to make the vandalism-plagued Orchard Gate toilets, which will be fully-staffed when they reopen, better protected and less costly to run.

But some market traders have been caught short by the loss of early morning conveniences – the toilets opened at 7.30am on market days – and complained.

Otley Town Council, which runs the facilities, said it was asked by Leeds City Council’s markets department to consider setting up portable toilets for the duration of the work.

But it says that would have pushed the cost of the project, due to be completed by the end of November, up further. Instead, the town council is suggesting that Otley Library, open from 9am most days, could be opened earlier so traders could use its toilets in the early morning.