Theatre company Mind the Gap is to immerse Bradford’s City Park with ‘a symphony of sirens’.

On Saturday, October 19, from 5.30pm, musician, composer and performer Jez Colborne will present a new version of his show Irresistible as part of the city’s Reflections Festival.

Described as an “energetic and breathtaking live event,” Irresistible combines music, theatre and a sirens. It tells the story of a man on a journey who meets the Hobos, who guide him, the Crew who intimidate him, and the singing Sirens who lure him.

Jez has created the production using warning sirens, other non-traditional instruments and singing voices.

“Irresistible brings a whole new meaning to sirens,” says Jez. “Even though I’ve had a lifelong fear of them, as a musician I couldn’t help noticing how many tones they have and that they all have their own voice; just really loud, like an opera singer. I knew it was going to sound dramatic!”

Irresistible returns to Bradford after an international tour.