Cheers! or should it be Nazdorovya!

Bradford is about to host the UK's first-ever Ukrainian Beer Festival.

More than 20 beers from the Ukraine will be at the city’s Ukrainian Club in Legrams Lane on Saturday, November 9.

Among drinks offered will be light beers and dark beers from the Ukraine’s oldest brewery in Lviv tracing its roots back to 1715.

There will also be fruit-flavoured beers from Obolon in central Ukraine and a lager brewed from a restored 16th century recipe from another brewer Organisers say it won’t be just the drink giving a taste of authenticity – the festival will also be serving up the Ukraine’s national potato dumpling-type dish Varennky and a big helping of entertainment from Ukrainian girls choir Fialka, along with Ukrainian dancing from the Podilya Ukrainian Dance ensemble.

Headlining the night will be rockband OCD, from Huddersfield.

One of the organisers Ewhen Chymera said: “Over the next two weeks or so we’ve got deliveries coming over from the Ukraine and London, most of the beers are bottled so we don’t have to pay deposits on casks!

“The beers have been available in this country for a few years now but no one has ever celebrated them with a festival. Bradford's making it a first.”

Anyone who has tokens left over on the night will be asked to donate them to a good cause which will be either a Chernobyl children’s charity or a Ukrainian orphanage.

Making a guest appearance on the festival night will be some beers from closer to home – Bradford’s own Salamander brewery at Dudley Hill and the Ilkley Brewery.

Tickets are £5 which includes one beer and are available on 07787 7449675. Numbers are limited to 350.