A Cross Roads author is flying the flag for a spirited campaign to ‘bring home’ the body of a king of England.

Carol Fellingham Webb proudly counts herself among the thousands of people who want Richard III to be re-buried in Yorkshire instead of Leicester.

She is currently writing a book for older children about the life of the monarch to help rehabilitate his blackened reputation. She describes herself as a “long-time Ricardian”, or supporter of Richard III.

“I was delighted when his grave was rediscovered last year,” she said. “However, I’m saddened at the squabble about where his remains should be buried.

“Leicester Council wish to rebury him in their cathedral because it is closest to where he was killed at the battle of Bosworth, and to where his body was then hastily buried in the Greyfriars Church.

“Many other people, including me, believe he would have wished to be buried where he spent most of his life – certainly the happiest part – here in Yorkshire.

She added that she wanted people to go to epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/38772 and add their names to a the petition on Richard’s burial, before September 24.