A reunion gig by members of a 1960s group has raised more than £1,500 for a Keighley teacher left in a coma after being attacked in Thailand.

Forty five years ago John's Followers were five mates from Keighley including Andrew Pickles, the father of Adam Pickles, 41 who was hit over the head with an iron bar in Thailand last year and now remains in a coma at a specialist care centre in York.

Adam's family have to pay for his care and treatment both abroad and in the UK and Saturday's reunion gig by John's Followers at the New Keighley Variety Club not only raised the roof – but £1,590 in donations.

Two of the band, bassist Trevor Tillotson, and John Loveday guitar and vocals, both 66, have travelled all the way from New Zealand to take part.

It was their idea to get John's Followers back on stage with guitarist John Martin, drummer John Swain and Andrew Pickles on keyboards.

“It was a truly great night – so much fun and such great laughs.

“Something that has been missing from the last 14 months,” Mr Pickles said yesterday.

They rehearsed at Keighley performance space Jam on Top before the gig and gelled immediately, he said: “Everyone reverted to just how they were 50 years ago – we just slotted back in together perfectly.

“And we set up and tuned up and played “Before You Accuse Me” by Clapton as if there’d been no time in between,” he said.

The band played for two hours on Saturday to at least 120 people – including some old faces from the past.

“Two friends I’d worked with in the 60s just turned up because they’d read about it in the T&A – which was wonderful,” said Mr Pickles, 63.

He and other family members head to Thailand later this month for court proceedings involving Sean Henry Tinsley, 43, of Wolverhampton, who is accused of married Adam’s attempted murder.