The great-grandson of a private killed in World War One said he was shocked but grateful when a historian presented him with 200 years of family history in a week.

Andrew Holdsworth contacted Saltaire History Club after seeing a Telegraph & Argus article about its plans to commemorate the First World War centenary next year.

Club member Colin Coates has been painstakingly researching details of Saltaire men who fought in the war. The club hopes to share its findings in the form a trail around the village, with a wreath and brief history outside the homes where the men lived.

Mr Holdsworth, 46, knew Charles Holdsworth died in France around 1917 and believed he lived in Saltaire. “I suppose it’s just something we’ve maybe tentatively looked at over the years. We’d looked on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website and never been able to find any details at all. It’s always been left on one side, then when I saw the article I thought, let’s just see what comes back,” he said.

Mr Coates was able to tell Mr Holdsworth where and when Charles was born, when he married, where he worked and that he died in 1917 in the Battle of Pilklem Ridge, which was the opening attack of the main part of the Third Battle of Ypres, while serving as a private with the 32nd Battalion Royal Fusiliers.

Mr Holdsworth, a sales analysist for Bradford-based supermarket group Morrisons, said: “It’s quite astounding really. He’s given me part of 200 years worth of family history in a week. Not only my great-grandfather, but my great-great-grandfather and further going back to the 1820s.

“I’m very pleased he’d opened up the family tree and made us go away and really think about what to do next.”

Mr Holdsworth, of Baildon, recently went to Ypres, in Belgium, and found his great grandfather’s name listed on the Menin Gate memorial.

“It’s quite a moving place. There’s tens of thousands of names and I think when you see one of your family member’s names it really does hit home the sacrifices that were made,” Mr Holdsworth said.

Charles Holdsworth is also listed on the Rolls of Honour at Nab Wood.

Mr Coates said five people had contacted him since the Telegraph & Argus article for details about their family, and he was able to give them all information.

“All the hours I’ve spent with spreadsheets, it makes it all worthwhile,” he said.

So far his research has led to details of 120 servicemen killed with links to Saltaire and 180 survivors.