At their time of life everything should be coming up roses – but for pensioners Leslie and Norma Williams, it’s dandelions.

The couple, both in their 80s, say they feel they have wasted £4,000 after getting the driveway and path outside their home in Uplands Crescent, Clayton Heights, resurfaced with asphalt.

It should have been smooth enough for Mrs Williams’s wheelchair and safe enough for Mr Williams’s unsteady legs, but instead they claim they are faced with 40 holes sprouting weeds.

Mr Williams, 84, said he had got three quotes for the job in November, but opted for Gavin Morgan’s Exclusive Paving after seeing it advertised in the Yellow Pages. The business, based in Reene Close, Bierley, boasted 15 years’ experience.

Mr Williams said: “All the quotes were about the same, but we went for him because of all the years of experience.

“It took a week to do the job, then we paid by cheque. But, by April, some bumps came up that were big enough to trip over, and dandelions were coming through. Norma is in a wheelchair and I’m no good on my feet. It’s dangerous."

After getting in touch with the Citizens Advice Bureau then trading standards, Mr Williams was advised to send a warning letter to Mr Morgan demanding he fix the problem within 14 days.

“On the 14th day he came back, killed the weeds, bashed down the bumps and left me with the leftovers of the weedkiller but, soon after, more bumps appeared. We’ve got about 40 of them now, all with dandelions. We call them our tarmac vases. We want it fixed properly or our money back.”

Ward councillor Paul Cromie (Ind, Queensbury), who has been helping Mr and Mrs Williams, said: “This couple parted with money in good faith. The job had been done to an acceptable level, but it turned out it wasn’t. They have been left in a terrible situation and the man responsible for it must put it right. Either that or return their money.”

When the Telegraph & Argus contacted Mr Morgan he said he would be sending two men round this week to fill in the holes and get rid of the weeds.

“I live in Devon now but I’ve got two men who go back to jobs for me. I’ve been doing this work since I left school for 15 years and never had problems like this before or had trading standards on to me. We do every job the same and never had any comeback.”

He added: “Don’t make out I’ve got their £4,000 in my pocket – the tarmac cost £2,200, then I had the wages to pay – I’d be lucky to have made £400 out of the job. We only did the job because it was winter and had nothing else.”

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Trading Standards said: “We are currently involved in trying to get a resolution for this couple and we are confident we will get it sorted."