The owner of an animal rendering plant could soon have more freedom from Bradford Council scrutiny, and it has announced it wants to build a 34 metre high wind turbine on site.

Many residents have complained over the smells emanating from Omega Proteins, based at Erlings Works, between Thornton and Denholme, and plumes of steam and smoke produced there.

Bradford Council regularly receives updates on the site and is currently looking at the issues around these complaints.

On Thursday, councillors will decide whether to grant two different applications for the site. One is for a new bio filter bed, and the other is to remove a condition forcing the company to let the council know when it installs any new equipment on the site, even if it is inside the existing buildings.

Both applications have been recommended for approval.

The company claims the bio filter bed will improve efficiency at the plant and help deal with some of the problems residents have reported. Council officers agree, and in their recommendations say: “It will assist in abating and controlling odours.”

Officers also recommend that a condition requiring Council approval for new equipment or buildings is removed.

Shipley MP Philip Davies, who has objected to both applications, said: “Local residents seem to have terrible problems over a considerable period of time, and it seems the company, the Council and the environment agency have been unable to solve them. If they can’t get to grips with what they have already it is difficult to justify giving them more permission and more freedom. It seems to defy logic.”

Lynnette Cadamarteri, of residents’ group Stop Omega Stink, said: “We’re gobsmacked these plans are down for approval. The company can’t maintain things now, so what’s to say they could maintain having an extension?

“It just goes to show the planning and environment officers continue to disregard the community. It’s about time they started listening to us.”

Omega Proteins has also applied for permission to build an on-site wind turbine. It would have a 24.6-metre tall hub and maximum height of 34 metres including the blades.

The application says it would: “Supply energy to all the occupants as part of a forward plan to provide green energy for all of their residential and commercial properties.”

Mrs Cadamarteri said: “This is just going to be even more impact on the landscape. Not only will we have to deal with the plume, we might have this turbine now.”

The meeting takes place at Bradford City Hall at 10am.