A chip shop has landed a top catch for its workforce after advertising for staff through the Telegraph & Argus.

Central Fisheries has welcomed Ian Somers, who spent 32 years working for Harry Ramsden’s in Guiseley, before it closed.

Co-owner Phil Lightbody said he was delighted with the appointment, one of three made from a dozen or so people who responded to the advert which was online for 28 days.

The Allerton fish and chip shop opened six weeks ago after Mr Lightbody was approached by Central Fisheries owner Alan Jackson, 62, who was looking to move his nearby business when his lease came up for renewal.

Mr Lightbody, 65, had been trying to sell his hardware shop, Allerton Home Centre, for about a year. He planned to retire, but instead has gone into partnership with Mr Jackson.

“He’s always been jealous of my location, it’s a great location,” said Mr Lightbody. “When he heard I was thinking of selling, he approached me about going into partnership.” Mr Lightbody closed the store he had run in Allerton Road for ten years for a 12-week refit in February.

Mr Somers, of Bingley, went back to Harry Ramsden’s when it was taken over by the Wetherby Whaler Group, but was looking to move when he saw the job advertised.

The 52-year-old, who worked at Harry Ramsden’s since he left school, said: “It’s busy, busier than I thought it was going to be and the staff are nice. The customers seem friendly enough and it’s less distance to travel. It’s a good job I saw the ad.”

The shop employs five local staff including Mr Somers. “It was a no-brainer taking him on. He can cut fish and fry fish in his sleep. he’s absolutely brilliant,” said Mr Lightbody. “Taking the advert was definitely worth it.”

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