Youngsters at two Bradford primary schools released 750 red, blue and yellow balloons into the sky to highlight the plight of refugees around the world.

Pupils at Horton Grange Primary School and Copthorne Primary Schools joined forces in an international balloon release, organised by the Bradford-based Human Relief Foundation, during Refugee Week.

The event had been organised to coincide with a similar event involving 500 Syrian refugees at a camp in Jordan, but bad weather forced it to be cancelled.

Sarah Gate, of the Human Relief Foundation, said: “This was a way of making sure our young people are aware of what’s happening around the world – that other children aren’t as lucky as they are.

“We have held assemblies and it’s great to see young people and very little children know what’s happening in Syria and what a refugee is. The balloon release looked absolutely incredible.

“It’s a shame the balloon release in Syria had to be cancelled at the last minute, but they know all about what’s been happening in Bradford during Refugee Week.”