A Bradford-based company has given firm backing to the T&A’s Foundation for Jobs campaign, along with a pledge to help local charities and community organisations do their bit.

Aspire-i, a not-for-profit organisation, has been working with young people for nearly 20 years.

Joanne Dye, head of learning and participation at the organisation, said: “Our focus is helping people of all ages to improve their lives through learning and work, so we’re natural supporters of the Foundation for Jobs campaign.”

The Aspire2work programme, delivered in 13 community locations, helps young people move into jobs and further learning in vocational areas, from hairdressing to animal care. From August, a complete range of study programmes will be available with the aim of helping 16 to 19 year olds get the right mix of key skills and work skills that employers need.

Joanne said: “We already have a very good track record of our learners going into apprenticeships and jobs, and study programmes are going to improve this even more. Our new apprenticeship programmes will help employers to find young people with the skills they need to meet the demands of their business.”

Interested young people can find more through i-Aspire’s website and Facebook page or by calling (01274) 829 400.

As a not-for profit organisation, any surplus Aspire-i makes is allocated to improving chances for local people, including the Community Fund.

Nick Whiteside, who runs the fund, said: “Last year we helped 27 local charities and community organisations to offer new opportunities and equipment to the district and it makes sense for this year’s fund to work alongside Foundation for Jobs to really improve chances for young people in Bradford and around the area.”

The next closing date for applications is June 30 and interested organisations can find details at aspire-i.com.

The T&A’s Foundation for Jobs campaign was launched this week with the aim of bringing the issue of unemployment – and, more importantly, employment – to the fore by working with key industry, private sector and public sector organisations and individuals to find ways to create new hope for the future.

The aim is to give young people a more positive outlook by encouraging the creation of more jobs, apprenticeships, and internships, making access to employment opportunities easier for both companies and job seekers and highlighting the good work being done across the district to tackle the rising tide of youth unemployment. There is also a new strategy at the T&A of offering cheaper and even free job advertising to help local companies reach job-hunters in the Bradford area.